Americans in Support of Gun Background Checks

Over the past week, a Quinnipiac University poll revealed that over 90 percent of Americans support background checks for gun sales. Specifically, 92 percent are in favor, while seven percent are opposed.

However, while background checks are the hot issue soon to be on ballots, Americans’ preference wanes on other firearm restriction issues. As NPR points out, only 52 percent want stricter gun laws, and 56 percent are in favor of an assault weapons ban. Politics along party lines essentially divide voters regarding these issues, with just 37 percent of voters likely to vote for a politician banning assault rifle sales. 31 percent are less likely, while 30 percent wouldn’t have a position on guns sway their votes.

As background checks seem to be the only issue Americans can find common ground on when it comes to firearms, President Obama proposed such legislation on February 4, and is likely to be approved. The new legislation would close the loophole for unlicensed firearm dealers at gun shows. found out even gun show attendees – those most likely to legally purchase a gun without a background check – are in favor of such legislation. In fact, one attendee told the publication: “Make sure that they’re well up [in the head] before you start giving them a weapon that can do mass things like that.”

Not everyone, however, thinks increased and more thorough background checks for gun sales can prevent another tragedy like Sandy Hook from happening. The New York Daily News points out that while background screenings were conducted for over 12 million firearm sales last year, an estimated additional 6.6 million were sold without such investigations.

Where do you stand on the gun background check issue? Should all dealers be conducting them, or should reducing gun violence and related deaths be focused on illegal transactions instead?

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