Another Proposal for Background Checks


Could massage parlors be the next business dealing with background checks? That seems to be the case in one California community.

Seems leaders in Cathedral City, California are going to use a study session to examine a proposal that would require a background for any new massage parlor that wants to set up shop in the city. The proposal comes at a time when city leaders are looking to keep questionable characters out of the massage parlor business.

The proposal would mean background checks for anyone who wanted to open a massage parlor business at a location where an earlier massage business closed because of criminal activity.

Earlier this year, two ordinances to stop massage parlors from opening for a year at sites where other massage parlors were shut down because of illegal activity were introduced by one council member. The ordinances did not gain enough support to pass. The two massage parlors were shut down following a prostitution sting by police. Prostitution stings tend to be bad for business.

The council member who introduced the ordinances says it’s all about stopping “pop-up” massage parlor businesses. He also says background checks can be a good compromise in weeding out the criminal element from the legit business owners.

The latest proposal includes background checks.

This just serves as the reminder of how thorough background checks can benefit businesses and communities. In the case of what’s happening in Cathedral City, background checks may be help to help curtail criminal activity in massage parlors. This will only help legit massage businesses, as the community will have faith that the businesses are on the up-and-up and not a front for some sort of shady activity. Shady activity can also be bad for business. Let’s see if city council members in Cathedral City, California agree.

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