A Background Check Can Help You Uncover Lies on a Job Applicant’s Resume

In a competitive employment market, job seekers are looking for ways to stand out and secure a new position. Some pursue degrees and challenge themselves in their current jobs to gain experience. Unfortunately, some job candidates decide to lie on their resumes to get a job. This is why it is essential to conduct a background check on a candidate before extending an offer of employment.

Why You Should Verify a Job Candidate’s Education

Job candidates may lie about several types of information on their resumes. Some people claim to have received a degree when they actually only attended college for a year or two. Others claim to have degrees from universities they never attended at all, or even from universities that do not exist.

Hiring a candidate who does not have the right education for the job can be detrimental to your business. A candidate without the right training will be ineffective on the job. In a field such as healthcare, an unqualified employee can be dangerous. You should conduct a background check to verify any degrees and certifications that a person claims to have on his or her resume.

Why You Should Verify Prior Employment

Some job candidates lie about their previous employment. Some give themselves job titles and responsibilities they never held in order to make themselves seem more qualified. Others lie about their dates of employment to try to cover up gaps in their employment, rather than explaining a gap in a cover letter or interview.

A candidate who lies about his or her previous employment may be unqualified for a position that requires specific skills and experience. For example, a person who claims to have management experience but was actually an entry-level employee will be poorly suited for a job that requires supervising dozens of employees. Conducting a background check can help you verify a candidate’s previous employers, job titles, and responsibilities.

Contact DataCheck for Help with Pre-Employment Background Checks

If you run a business, you rely on your employees to help your company succeed. You need to know that you are hiring people who are well qualified and capable of doing the jobs they are assigned. The unfortunate truth is that many job applicants lie on their resumes, so you need to be careful. Before you offer someone a job, conduct a background check to verify the person’s education and previous employment. DataCheck can help you conduct pre-employment background checks. Contact us today to learn more.