Background Checks for Gun Shows, Part 2

A few months ago, we posted about a governor’s race in Virginia revolving, partially, about gun laws, especially those pertaining to background checks at gun shows. One, essentially, wanted all dealers and attendees to get background checks before purchasing a firearm, while the other candidate and his supporters go with the argument that illegal guns aren’t bought through gun shows. More recently, this argument has been taken outside of Virginia and into other states like New York and even Congress.

18 out of fifty states require attendees of gun shows to receive a background check before purchasing a firearm. In New York, as mentioned in like linked article above, gun shows, particularly with out-of-state dealers in attendance, are seen as contributing to the flow of illegal guns into the state and New York City, in particular. In various states, such as Connecticut, gun purchasers from a standard dealer have to pass a background check before purchasing a fire arm. Logically, why shouldn’t the same rules apply to gun shows?

A gun show can be seen as a mass-trading gun convention. Although many in attendance will have clean backgrounds, others won’t, and some who know they can’t pass a background check due to criminal history will take advantage of this aspect. Why, when you live in Connecticut where you need a background check to purchase a firearm, would you try to buy one from a dealer in state when you could buy one at a gun show in New York, only a few hours away, without passing a background check? Although giving all attendees of a gun show a background check will discourage many from coming and be time consuming overall, it will filter out those who shouldn’t be in possession of a firearm. Those who can pass a background check, and thus who can purchase a gun, will be the only ones allowed inside. If you can pass a background check, why object to it for security measures? This, in turn, will cut down in any illegal gun sales and may even cut down on the number of illegal guns on the streets.