Background Checks for Guns in Virginia

The first post we did about the gun show loop hole a few months ago pertained to Virginia. At the time, whether or not to enforce attendees of a gun show to have a background check before purchasing a firearm was in question with an election. Now, election platforms aside, a new poll indicates that about 80-percent of Virginians favor background checks for gun shows. The fact is, without this type of law being passed, those who can’t pass a background check to buy from a licensed dealer will instead go to a gun show and purchase a firearm there.

Virginia, however, is still one of the 32 states that doesn’t have this law in place yet and is still being voted on. 80 percent, as seen above, have indicated that they are in favor of every attendee passing a background check before purchasing a firearm at a gun show, as buying a weapon at a gun show is no different from buying one at a dealer. Without this type of law, gun shows in Virginia, as well as other states with this loop hole, will still be places for illegal guns to be sold.

With this gun loop hole, is buying a firearm at a gun show any different from buying one out on the street in Virginia? Essentially, no, although, once the setting is changed in the present, the transaction becomes legal. One argument in favor of the loop hole is that illegal firearms on the streets, such as those that might contribute to a shooting in Richmond, aren’t purchased from gun shows. Have any guns used in a shooting in Virginia or other states been tracked to gun shows? One statistic from an article published in The Huffington Post estimates that 30 percent of illegal guns are from gun shows. With that percentage, some of those firearms are bound to be used in shootings.