Background Checks for Home Workers

Strangers can come into or near your home, including meter readers, fundraisers, home improvement workers, caretakers, and salesmen, and do you know if all of them have passed a background check? In some cases, the workers don’t, as indicated by a recent article in The Dallas Morning News. In this story, a woman was murdered after two home improvement contractors associated with a major department store in the area came into their home and then murdered her at a later date. This incident resulted in the organization CAUSE forming. CAUSE, which stands for Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment, has been pushing for businesses to conduct background checks on all candidates doing in-home work.

Every time you let a stranger into your home, you run this risk. How do you know if certain workers have passed a background check? In the case of the linked article above, the murderer hadn’t had a background check when working as a home improvement contract worker through the department store. In this case, as mentioned in the article, a well-known name is often associated with quality, but this shouldn’t be the only way to check if a criminal is entering your house as a caretaker or to do improvements.

The workers in this case were contractors – not employed full-time by the department store. Organizations using contracted or freelancers for their work don’t always run background checks on these non-full-time workers. But, while freelance writers or programmers can get away with staying at home and never getting a background check, contractors doing in-home work shouldn’t fall into the same category. If a company is planning to use contracted work for home improvements, they should check every worker they use. When a person trusts a worker to enter their home to complete a job, shouldn’t safety of the consumer be taken into consideration?