Can Pre-Employment Background Checks Help with Turnover?


Running a business is no walk in the park. Not only are there profit margins and budgets to manage, but there is also the need to hire and keep employees that are productive while meeting regulatory compliance demands.


Hiring practices are scrutinized by several regulating bodies in the U.S. that serve fines for specific violations. Knowing the rules and ensuring your business follows suit is vital.

No business can survive with high employee turnover rates either. Having to retrain new staff over and over again is a pain and can slow down operations while constricting resources. It’s also a key indicator that there could be other issues to address.

One way to avoid these risks is to perform a quality pre-employment screening that checks potential employee’s backgrounds for any possible compliance or other issues with performing a specific job. Pre-employment background checks are also a great way to curb high turnover rates in the workplace. Here’s why.

Decreased Risk

One way to offer a safer work environment is to assess the potential risk candidates could bring to the job. Noting criminal history that could occur again on the job could save you from damages of fines and harm to your brands reputation if you screen for it in advance. Knowing whether or not a candidate’s background will bring risks to the rest of your employees is key to maintaining a healthy workplace.


One of the biggest losses companies face each year are those related to workplace violence. The legal costs and lost productivity alone are significant. A background check and proper analysis can also help you to determine the likelihood that a candidate is prone to behaviors that would threaten the vitality of your workplace.

Better Quality

Knowing more about your candidate and how they’re likely to perform on the job will also help you to make better hiring decisions overall. And bringing in better-qualified candidates increases the chances of success for your business. Potential candidates who must go through a strong background check may not apply at all if they know false or misleading information will be detected. This saves you time and allows you to weed out issues and dishonesty before those candidates even make it to your applicant pool.


Outside of a closer look at any criminal history, background checks are also a great way to discover if an applicant’s experience and education are valid and are likely to work out best for the intended job.


Save Time & Money

Reducing turnover rates in the workplace not only decreases time spent retraining new hires, but it also helps companies to advance with a team that’s able and motivated to work and grow.


Pulling staff aside to train new hires means less time spent working on their core tasks. This lost time becomes an issue when it has to keep happening each time and employee is let go or leaves. With the information provided by a pre-employment screening, it’s possible to choose the candidate most likely to stick around and keep your company away from risk.

DataCheck Inc. offers pre-employment background screening services that help protect your business from theft, violence and turn-over.

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