Controversy Surrounds School Board Member Background Checks


There are times when controversy surrounds a background check, even when it is tied to an issue that appears to be cut and dried.

In Georgia, a newly elected school board member is not getting a paycheck. It all stems from the man;s refusal to submit to a background check.

School board member Stan Jester says there is nothing in Georgia state law that requires him to submit to a background check. So far, the school board is not commenting.

Jester says the school board’s refusal to give him a paycheck are likely retaliation for his refusal to submit to a background check requirement.

He also maintains that all background checks in Georgia use the Georgia Criminal Information Center. However, according to a story in a local newspaper, the school system says such background checks must use the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, which uses the Georgia Criminal Information Center and other databases.

So why is this such a big deal? It shows there can still be debate over background checks. However, there should really be no discussion or debate as to why background checks and pre-employment screenings are so important. There should be no reason to doubt why employers need to conduct thorough and accurate background checks.