Doing a Self Background Check

Identity theft is becoming more common of a crime – it’s even shown on TV’s Cops. When identity theft happens to an unsuspecting individual, however, it’s far from entertaining when you find someone taking money from your bank account with false checks, signing your name to a loan, and using your identity for many other purposes. One of the most significant and prompt results of identity theft is ruined credit and, as identity theft can be difficult to prove in many instances, finding out quick enough can prevent your credit from being ruined.

One way to find out if someone has stolen your identity is with a self background check. Even if you don’t see funds withdrawn from your bank account, other possibilities, particularly financial, can result from identity theft, including someone taking out a credit card in your name and someone taking out a loan for something as small as a month’s rent to as large as a home mortgage. While many of these aspects will only show up on a credit report, finding out about them to correct them and, in most cases, repair your credit can be done with a self background check.

As your credit is important in many aspects of your adult life, from employment to opening up a bank account, correcting it before the credit score plummets is important. Doing a self background check can be done with any background screening company, such as Data Check. A self background check doesn’t look much differently from one that an employer would do and, if you’re curious about what potential employers are picking up, a self background check will give you a picture of what a potential employer sees. Aside from credit and finances, a self background check will show all information about you, including driving records, employment history, and criminal history in a number of locations. If you dispute any of the information you see in a self background check, correcting it so that your background check accurately represents your background should be done as quickly as possible.