Former NBA All-Star’s Drug Addiction Spiraling out of Control

Lamar Odom was once one of the best big men in the NBA. His ability to handle the ball and shoot the three at his size made him one of the toughest players to defend in the league. After a successful career in Miami and Los Angeles, Odom has been a role player for the past few years. He married a Kardashian and was wealthy, but a drug addiction has turned his life upside down.

After news recently was released about Lamar Odom’s crack addiction, people have been wondering how it all started. The NBA veteran seemed to have it all and out of nowhere his fans find out he is a drug addict. Earlier this year Odom was caught on video smashing a paparazzo’s camera in a fit of rage. After being arrested for drunk driving, Odom lawyered up by hiring Robert Shapiro, best known as O.J. Simpson’s lawyer.

It has been speculated that the former 6th man of the year has been using crack cocaine for two years. How long he has been using is a mystery and hard to believe because the NBA regularly drug tests for recreational drugs. A man claiming to be Odom’s drug dealer alleges that he has spent over $50,000 on cocaine over the last three years.

Odom has refused to seek rehabilitation and his NBA career, marriage, and life is on the line right now. His poor play over recent seasons and outlandish behavior has only brought more speculation that Odom has been using for some time now.