Healthcare Adverse Actions Sanctions

There are many elements and factors that make up a thorough background check and pre-employment screening.

Thoroughness is certainly important to the background check process in the health care industry. This is why it is crucial to understand Healthcare Adverse Actions Sanctions. These sanctions are often to find out if a person has been excluded from participation in programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and other federal health care programs. Part of this process includes checking to find out if the person or entity in the health care industry have been subject to disciplinary action.

Healthcare Adverse Actions Sanctions cover more than 50 types of health care professionals and entities. They include all 50 states.

There are repercussions to health care providers who fail to conduct thorough background checks. That’s because Congress has established a civil monetary penalty for providers or institutions that knowingly hire excluded parties. The Healthcare Adverse Actions Sanctions are in place to make sure this does not happen.

There are other systems in place to help prevent hiring a person on the exclusion list. The Fraud and Abuse Control Information System (FACIS) is a database of exclusions, sanctions and disciplinary actions for all provider types at the federal and state level.

There is no excuse not to conduct extensive background checks, especially with all the current available tools and programs.