Hiring Done Right: Include Factual Data in the Process

Onboarding new employees is a risk for many businesses. While on the hunt for candidates, they’re likely churning through applications looking for candidates who have the qualifications and background needed to excel at the job. But as many a manager has come to find out, sometimes those qualifications aren’t the only thing that matters.  Personality and ethics should all play a role in the final decision process if you want to bring on a new hire that’s going to work out in the long run for the company.

Pre-Employment Screening for Accuracy

But how do you know that people are being honest and truthful in their paperwork and when they meet with you? That can be the tricky part. Thankfully, pre-employment screening technologies exist that can ensure applicants are who they say are and don’t have any “issues” they’ve neglected to tell you about that could affect their employment eligibility.

Background checks can be used today to do so much more than tell a potential employer if an employee has committed any serious crimes or has substance abuse issues. It can also verify that they attended and completed schooling, or check credit reports. Likewise, it can keep businesses in complaint and meeting hiring standards to avoid fines and other legal issues.

Reduce Business Risk

The worst thing you can do for your business is bring on an applicant that won’t stick around, or worse is dishonest and could put the company at risk. The only way to protect your business from this is to have pre-screening processes set-up and standards that must be met for all job hiring you do.

Having factual data and statistics on potential hires is also a great way to make informed decisions for the good of the company. Looking beyond background information and drilling down the stats to see who is best suited for long term roles versus who might move around a lot in their career could be vital information. Why should you go without that knowledge?

DataCheck offers everything you need to get reliable, accurate information when hiring new staff members. As a full-service pre-employment background screening company we provide everything from DMV history to past employment verification, drug screening and more. Get a free quote.

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