Holiday Background Checks


The holiday season can be a busy hiring time for businesses that depend on seasonal employees. We’re talking about everything from extra counter and sales help to store Santas. The demand is high and positions need to be filled.

This is why this is such an important time of year for background checks. Employers need to exercise good judgment when making those seasonal hires. They should also consider the importance of thorough background checks.

Temp workers will often have access to an employer’s place of business. It’s like trusting someone inside your home. Those temporary employees may have access to some intellectual properties and receive training on specific business practices.

It goes beyond business practices. Stores, malls and charity organizations that hire seasonal Santa Clauses need to sure about hiring for a position that call for a great deal of time to be spent with children. Thorough background checks conducted by professionals are essential. Google searches won’t cut it. It’s all too easy to skip a background check in the interest of saving time. Yet, the same due diligence that would be done on an employee being considered for a full-time position should also be done on a part-time or seasonal employee. Employment classification should not matter.

Employee background checks and pre-employment screenings are an integral part of the hiring process. It’s about the safety of the employer, employee and customers. A thorough background check can prevent a negligent hiring lawsuit. It can ensure that person with a criminal background is not hired for a sensitive position, such as one that calls for spending time around children.

These are just some of the reasons it’s important to do due diligence before hiring that mall Santa Claus or adding that extra store cashier. Background checks can make for a safer holiday shopping seaso