Why Home Improvement Companies Should Conduct Thorough Background Checks

People all over the United States rely on contractors for renovations and home improvements. Homeowners expect jobs to be done correctly and workers to behave professionally. A bad experience can lead to negative reviews that can make it more difficult for a company to find work in the future. An on-the-job accident can also be expensive for an employer. This is why it is critical for home improvement companies to conduct background checks before hiring workers.

Check Job Applicants’ Criminal Records

A background check should include several components. One is a check for a criminal record, particularly a history of theft or violence. Since contractors work with expensive equipment and workers spend hours inside customers’ homes, there are many opportunities to steal. It could be impossible to pinpoint the person responsible if several are working at the site. On-the-job violence is another concern, particularly since contractors work in physically demanding conditions that can test their patience. By checking to see if job applicants have criminal records, your home improvement company can screen out people who might pose a risk to customers or fellow employees.

Conduct Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Background checks for contractors should also include drug testing. Using tools and heavy equipment while under the influence of drugs is a recipe for disaster. Accidents could be serious and even fatal. Workers who are under the influence of drugs may also do shoddy work that could put the homeowners or other workers at risk and make your company vulnerable to lawsuits. You should conduct drug testing before you hire an employee and during the period of employment.

Check Candidates’ Driving Records

Workers for home improvement companies often drive company vehicles to and from jobs and to transport tools and supplies. If your employees will be driving company vehicles, you should check their driving records. You need to make sure each employee has a valid license and does not have any record of speeding, reckless driving, or driving under the influence. This can protect your company from accidents, property damage, and injuries.

How DataCheck Can Help with Pre-Employment Background Checks

Conducting through background checks is essential before you hire workers for your home improvement company. It can help you avoid on-the-job accidents, criminal activity, and other problems. DataCheck has helped all types of businesses across the United States conduct background checks on job applicants so they could hire the most qualified and reliable employees. Contact us today so we can help you conduct background checks on prospective employees.