HR Best Practices: Background Checks Stop Lying Before it’s an Issue

Today’s workforce is an especially competitive one. With job shortages, unemployment rates and a disappearing bottom line, applicants are gunning hard to fill positions as they become available. Unfortunately for employers, this means sifting through numerous applications in search of the best fit for the role and the company culture.

Lying on Applications

Reading resumes and applications and meeting with candidates in person can help decision makers start cutting down the list of potential winners, but since competition is so stiff, there’s also an increasing rate of lying, truth stretching and “fake it until you make it” going on today.

For some industries, it might be okay if someone comes in and gains the needed skills on the job, even without prior experience noted. But for many industries this can add to training time, increase costly mistakes and open the door for a host of other possible fines and issues. The only way to really tell if a candidate is telling you the truth is to conduct a background check.

Pre-employment Screening

Pre-employment background checks can be used for so much more than just knowing if a candidate has prior convictions, arrests or other poor history you should be aware of. You can also verify past employers, schooling and job titles.

This information, if untrue, puts your business at risk by onboarding an employee who is already showing signs of poor ethical conduct. No business can be successful when it is void of employees who care about their work and are properly skilled in handling the needed tasks.

Unless a job is explicitly entry level, you should consider having candidates pass a background check to verify that they have provided the correct information about who they are and what skills they have. Without this reassurance, companies risk HR nightmares stemming from hiring the wrong person for a job.

DataCheck makes it easier for companies to conduct background checks on job applicants that are thorough and abide by federal, state and local laws so you can worry about your core competencies and focus on growth and success. Contact us today to learn more.