Increase in Pre-Employment Background Checks

With about 95 percent of employers conducting pre-employment background checks on prospective hires, could that number increase over time? It has, according to a recent press release. The release mentions a survey in which 600 human resources professionals were contacted in April and May of this year and asked questions in regards to the amount of background checks they conduct and how they analyze the results. According to the results stated in the press release, 92 percent perform background checks (a consistent figure) but 70 percent from this amount actually use them in hiring decisions.

Credit is another issue when it comes to hiring. With the current recession resulting in a significant amount of layoffs, bad credit is more common than it was 10 years ago. However, as this survey indicates, only one-third of these human resources professionals consider credit in hiring decisions.

So, if you’re a job applicant, what does this survey mean to you? As pre-employment background checks have a greater role in hiring now than they did in the past, job candidates should be prepared to have all aspects of their life analyzed – from employment and education history to their credit. Not all states have laws against performing credit checks in the hiring process, so all candidates should be prepared to have this information analyzed.

But, before you go on a job interview, shouldn’t you make sure that your background is clean? Many background check companies allow an individual to run a background check on his or her self. Identity theft is still a common crime, and a background check will reveal if your identity has, in fact, been usurped and used. But, on the other hand, you want to make sure that you have a clean background before you go on a job interview – don’t take any risks if employment is at stake.