Latest News for Gun Laws and Criminal Background Checks

In most places around the country, you’ll need a criminal background check to purchase that firearm at a retailer. But what about a gun show? Although this loophole has been in talks for several months in several states, many states, including New York, Virginia, and Maine, can’t decide to require background checks to attendees at a gun show. In the case of Maine, the Democratic Party is split on to require background checks for gun show attendees or to not. Maine has the highest per capita gun ownership amount while being the second-safest state, but those in the state Democratic Party, with the exception of Rosa Scarcelli, don’t want to require background checks for gun shows.

Cost is the main reason behind the resistance, as anyone needing a criminal background check will need to pay about $25 to $50 for a basic screening, unless the state foots the bill. However, according to the linked article above, gun shows are often an opportunity for those who, at a retailer, had their background check rejected to purchase a fire arm. The fact that nine out of 16 domestic violence incidents in Maine involve firearms further supports that removing the loophole for gun shows is, to paraphrase Scarcelli, “common sense.”

Arizona’s gun laws, on another hand, are a different matter. Forget about background checks for gun shows: The state recently approved a measure that allows any adult to carry a gun without a background check. The AACP, in fact, even stated that this law will bring Arizona to a state much like the Wild West. Although citizens do have the right to carry weapons and bear arms, should every citizen be allowed to? With gun violence still a problem in many parts of the country – and Phoenix is probably no exception – shouldn’t gun laws be stricter on those wanting to own a firearm?