Movers Required to Provide Criminal Background Checks

When a group of movers is helping you move furniture from your home into a truck, are you sure they’re a legitimate company and not just a group of thieves? As all of your possessions could be at stake, knowing whether the company helping you isn’t a sham operation is important, and North Carolina looks to require criminal background checks from all such companies. At the moment, not all movers have submitted their information at this time.

Although the source of this enforcement isn’t specified, state regulators are enforcing a rule introduced two years ago by the Utility Commission to protect the public from such unscrupulous practices. Only half of the state’s 270 moving companies, however, have provided criminal background checks and proof of citizenship or legal work status. Background investigations aren’t for employees – rather, the employers need to prove their authenticity – but verifying the source will keep the services from taking advantage of others.

In many cases on this blog, we’ve seen instances in which background checks for home workers – contractors and healthcare employees – weren’t thorough enough. For many employers, contractors are considered to work on their own will – and aren’t the responsibility of the company. But when contacting an independent worker to go into someone’s home, either to provide care or to another service, the employer should make sure it associates with honest individuals – not those who will steal from the customer or do far worse crimes.

North Carolina’s enforcement of this law should serve as an example to all states and businesses: monitor companies that send workers to go inside homes, check your contracting workers, and protect the public from scam artists. Conducting criminal background checks is a simple resolution to these issues and significantly reduces the amount of in-home crimes.