Mower County, Texas, to Revise Background Check Policy

Does it surprise you that not all businesses conduct background checks? While it appears that 95 percent of most open positions require a candidate to pass a criminal background check, not all businesses have such policies. Recently, near Austin, Texas, the Mower County Board of Commissions decided to revise its background check policy, seeing that incorporating a background screening into the hiring procedure is much like an inexpensive insurance policies. With $66 per applicant, background checks will only be used by the end of the hiring process. Because many positions for Mower County involve interaction with the public, having someone’s background screened is inevitable.

According to the article linked above, these background checks will be used on various potential new employees and even for promotions within the county government. The revisions to their policy regarding screenings are most significant in who will need to pass a background check: those that interact with the public and visit homes. As we’ve seen in past posts, some incidents in which an unsuspecting member of the public is injured or killed have involved workers, who never had or passed a background check, entering someone’s home. Those who can’t pass such a pre-employment screening won’t have the option to be in such a position.

Nevertheless, not everyone applying for a position with Mower County will need to submit to a screening. Right now, some of the revisions, as specified in the article, will involve screening candidates toward the end of the application process – and the results won’t be used to decide between candidates. Instead, the results will be used to see if someone’s past criminal history clashes with the duties of the job. However, one issue that hasn’t been resolved yet is the use of credit history. The county hasn’t decided whether they will incorporate a credit check in the screening and what role it will play.