New Background Check iPhone App

Want to do a background check on a prospective date? Before you get involved with a criminal or a drunk driver, you can do a background check on that person through a new iPhone application. The application, as mentioned in a blog post on Computer World, is called DateCheck and it allows application users to, as soon as they know someone’s name, do a background check on him or her. While, according to the blog post, this can weed out all of the criminals, weirdos, and unemployed moochers that would show their negative side later, how effective, and accurate, is this method?

First, even a basic background check required a name, social security number, and birth date to some extent. Without these pieces of information, looking up information about “David Smith” in New York, NY is somewhat impossible – and this is assuming you know this is his real name. More thorough background checks, such as those given to employees working with children, are often given fingerprinting background checks for a more thorough criminal history check. Nevertheless, unless you know more about this person, including locations he or she has lived, all names, and his social security number, this iPhone application probably won’t give you accurate results.

Unless, perhaps, you can furtively take a picture of this individual and, through this iPhone app, compare it to mug shots of various criminals, with names, to find any resemblance of a criminal past. However, aside from this, doing such a cursory background check won’t give you the full picture of a person. In addition, although the application itself is free, the background checks aren’t and running one through the phone’s application can cost about $10. In that case, it’s better to contact a background check company after dating this person for a bit and finding out more information on him or her.