New Legislation Could Affect School Bus Drivers

Earlier this year, federal legislation was introduced that would impact how school bus drivers are hired.

It all comes down to background checks. It’s called The Safety for the Schoolchildren Act. The legislation would instruct all states and school districts nationwide to obtain FBI background checks on all new job applicants, including potential school bus drivers.

The bill would also prohibit local education officials from hiring people for school bus driver positions who have been convicted of or plead guilty to drunk driving or a serious moving violation. The proposal also covers any new school job applicant who has been convicted of sexual assault against a minor.

The law would also add an amendment to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. It would also cover teachers, substitute teachers administrators, cafeteria workers, custodians or any contract employees that work in a school district.

The National School Transportation Specifications & Procedural Manual will recommend school districts check both state and national criminal identification agencies for record of any criminal activities among school job applicants. School districts will also be encouraged to check the driving records of school job applicants.

This is just another reminder of the importance and wide-ranging impact of proper background checks.