One City Sees Benefit of Background Checks

Background checks don’t always take place during the hiring process.

City employees in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin will now undergo background checks. Volunteers involved in city programs will also undergo background checks.

The city’s mayor recently announced specific goals. One of the mayor’s goals was to “create a standardized hiring procedure, assessment and background investigation for all city positions”. Volunteers covered under city insurance policies will also undergo background checks.

The mayor wants city department heads to be certain that people who serve the city are properly trained. Background checks will also be required.

Now the question is, will there be a uniformed policy to conduct the background checks? The city’s Parks and Recreation Department has gone through the police department for background checks. Police officials say the department does charge a small amount of money for background checks.

Not every city department is as proactive with the background checks. The city library does not do background checks on employees and volunteers. It seems like that will soon change.

Again, it’s important to remember that there is no reason an employer cannot conduct a background check after an employee has been hired. Some employers will look into a person’s background before hiring that person. This has become all but standard procedure and is a crucial part of the hiring process. Screening potential employees with thorough background checks can prevent negligent hiring lawsuits and also provide a safer and more stable work environment for all involved. The wrong hire can also mean a loss of productivity.

Employees and job applications to have rights tied to the background screening process. The Federal Trade Commission enforces a law that regulates background checks for employment. The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission enforces federal laws that protect against employee discrimination.

It’s important to know when and why you could be subject to background checks.