Police Do Half-Hearted Background Check in Taunton, MA

When does networking go wrong? When those responsible for hiring you don’t do a thorough background check. You, as the candidate, are also dishonest in regards to your criminal history. But, since you have the higher-ups vouching for you, you get promoted to the position anyway. While this scenario seems similar across all occupations, government, business, and industrial, the fact is, some occupations need to be more cautious than others. Such occupations include those that work with the public, including police and law enforcement. In this scenario, a past police officer in Taunton, MA was fired and the police chief who hired him didn’t do a thorough background check on the candidate. Now this police chief position is open and potential candidates are wary of background checks being conducted by a third-party background check company.

Government organizations, including law enforcement, have been exposed for corruption in the past, including nepotism and negligence with background checks, which we’ve seen on multiple occasions in this blog. But, while someone sitting in an office may have important responsibilities, someone out on the street, such as a police officer, needs to be interacting with the public. As larger cities have had instances of police officers behaving badly, such as in Philadelphia recently, in which a man was killed by an off-duty cop in a neighborhood on the east side of the city, shouldn’t police be taking extra precautions with who they hire and who they promote?

Although Taunton, MA may not be in the same league as Philadelphia for urban crimes, a police officer still has the same duties regardless of where he works. In this case, all recruits should be given background checks and, for internal promotions, employee background checks should also be given, as who knows if an officer has racked up a criminal history while on the job?