Poor Hiring Decisions Lead to Managers Wasting 10 Hours a Week Coaching Underperformers

“Measure twice, cut once” goes the old proverb. What it means – and there are many other proverbs with similar meanings – is that if you do your work carefully the first time, you won’t need to repeat it. Hiring, always a troublesome, time-consuming task, can certainly benefit from this wisdom. Poor employees take up an organization’s time, money and patience, and they’re more common than we might think.

Research conducted by global staffing firm Robert Half found that managers spend more than 10 hours “coaching underperforming employees” during the average work week. This translates to an average of 26 business hours a week coping with employees who don’t know how to do their jobs effectively. Bad hiring decisions can also affect the overall team morale at a company.

“A bad hire is tremendously expensive for a company,” said Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half. “The time and money managers spend on recruitment and training is lost, and they also have to fix underperformers’ mistakes and deal with their effects on staff morale and productivity. A bad hire signals that your hiring process may be flawed. It could be that you are not putting sufficient weight on soft skills or are overemphasizing qualities that aren’t crucial to the role.”

Fixing the Problem

From this, it seems clear that improving the recruiting and hiring process can greatly benefit most companies. This may mean bringing more people into the HR process, or adding steps for evaluating applications and resumes. It might mean more face-to-face interviews, or peer interviews in which the candidates potential coworkers meet with him or her. It might also mean more background checking of candidates, as “resume fudging” is a common practice today. While some candidates can “wow” in interviews, their education and experience may not be what they claim.

“Don’t skip the reference check,” Robert Half analysts advise. “Nobody loves calling strangers to get information, but the reference check is still one of the best ways to ensure potential employees are who they say they are, especially since resume lies are on the rise.”

Engage Professionals

If you don’t have time to vet every candidate (and who does?) it’s recommended that you engage the services of a professional background check organization.

DataCheck is a full-service background investigation company that specializes in obtaining relevant information about candidates through criminal background checks on a statewide and national level, past employment and background history information, and background investigations for DMV history, credit reports, drug screening, and many other aspects on individuals for employers nationwide.

Background checks and pre-employment screening are so important. There is a real threat employers are facing today under the legal doctrine “negligent hiring.” Screening your potential employee through a thorough background check allows your human resources department to make the right decisions to avoid lawsuits and other pitfalls.

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