Protect Your Company from Hiring Risks with Pre-Employment Screening

Companies today have numerous issues to address each day. Whether it’s protecting their private data and networks from security breaches and threats, or improving the bottom line and delivering quality services, there’s no wonder some pieces of the puzzle might fall between the cracks.

But while forgetting to power down a desk fan isn’t that big of an issue, there are other things that are pertinent to a healthy and thriving business that should not be forgotten or ignored.

Pre-employment screening helps companies to validate information about a potential employee and protect their business and workplace.

Here are some common hiring risks and how to avoid them.

Proper Interviewing

Knowing the right questions to ask as they pertain to the job at hand is key in the candidate selection process. It’s also important to have managers who are properly trained to conduct interviews and who understand the job enough to realize what characteristics and traits are going to work best for each role. While qualifications and training will help in job performance, personality and drive are just as important, especially in a team setting. Having an employee who isn’t good at communicating and working in a team setting when that is a major part of the job, leaves the door open for high turnover and other issues in the workplace.

To combat this risk, be sure to invest in additional screening and testing to ensure candidates are a good fit. Examples include personality testing or physical abilities testing if the job requires it.

Know the Rules

As with any procedures in the workplace, there are rules that must be followed. When it comes to hiring, there are also legal risks to be aware of. Knowing specific hiring rules for your state or industry is vital.

Your hiring team should also know the rules when it comes to disabilities for example, as discrimination can open the door for hefty fines. They should also strive to be consistent in their hiring and interviewing, regardless of the applicant, to remain impartial.

Background Checks

Background checks are important in the hiring process not only for uncovering past criminal histories, but also to verify that what candidates are saying about themselves is true. It’s easy for anyone to paint a pretty picture but truly knowing who you are hiring is really the only way to know for sure. Having a thorough background check can prevent negligent hiring lawsuits, offer a safe work environment and protect productivity and the bottom line.

If you’d like to make hiring decisions with confidence, rely on DataCheck to provide the information needed.

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