The Reason for Complete Healthcare Background Checks

There is a real need for thoroughness when conducting background checks within the healthcare industry. Due diligence is needed to protect the safety and privacy of patients, as well as members of a medical staff.

Every so often, we will see an item in the news that highlights the importance of background checks in healthcare. The news stories often deal with criminal aspects that perhaps could have been prevented through proper background checks. This also highlights how, in some states, the medical board does not regularly conduct background checks on doctors.

One good way healthcare employers could prevent such issues is by having a consistent employment screening program.

Inadequate due diligence and negligent hiring practices should never be excused. In the healthcare industry, shaky employment screenings can lead to medical malpractice claims and lawsuits.

Thorough, efficient background checks and pre-employment screenings can pay dividends to all industries. A thorough background check should include social security number verification, a criminal record report, a check on education history and drug screening. They can also include things like credit reports.

The pre-employment screening process is a safeguard for the hiring manager to help make an educated decision when the time comes to choose a candidate for a position.