Researching School Board Background Checks

Here is a glimpse into how schools and background checks are often connected.

Earlier this month, a city council committee announced a plan to do more research on whether to begin requiring background checks for school board members. Such background checks are part of business in many school districts in around the country.

Now the topic is being discussed in Asheville, North Carolina. One of the main questions that will need to be answered is who would be responsible for doing these background checks: The city schools or the city itself.

According to one local newspaper, members of the Asheville City Council’s Board and Commission committee have already discussed the issue during one recent board meeting. The Asheville City Board of Education is a board where members are appointed, not elected. The Asheville City Council selects the members who serve on the board.

However, school employees and volunteers undergo background checks. Currently, school board members are not subject to background checks.

School board members receive a stipend, leaving some members to wonder why all board members are not required to undergo background checks.

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