Ryan Braun Fails Drug Test, Banned for Remainder of MLB Season

Back in 2011, Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers failed a league administered drug test. However, he appealed the ruling and was not punished. Just recently, Braun was suspended for the remainder of the season for using performance enhancing drugs.

Braun isn’t the only major leaguer who will be receiving a suspension this season. Around 20 big league players have been linked to a clinic called Biogenesis. Names like Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz, and Bartolo Colon are among those suspected of receiving and using illegal performance enhancing drugs from Biogenesis.

The MLB seemed to get a breakthrough in their fight against PEDs when Anthony Bosch, who ran Biogenesis, cooperated with the league. He provided paperwork and proof that tied several Major League players with the anti-aging clinic that was suspected of distributing performance-enhancing drugs. Braun’s suspension is for 65 unpaid games, where he will forfeit nearly half of his $8.5 million salary for this season. However, his total contract extends a total of 10 years for over $145 million.

Braun escaped his first failed drug test by winning an appeal that stated the test was administered incorrectly. He preached his innocence and even bet his life on the fact that an illegal substance never knowingly or unknowingly entered his body. The use of PEDs is being uncovered across several different professional sports. Baseball is one of the leaders in the crackdown on their use, thanks to the active role that Commissioner Bud Selig has taken on the subject. More suspensions should be arising in the near future for many more baseball players associated with Biogenesis.