Save Payroll Using a Reliable Background Screening Company

How can you save payroll using a reliable background screening company?

The most reliable background screening company, Data Check Inc., provides full-service background investigations of job applicants that can save you money by not training someone you never should have hired. By eliminating objectionable candidates, they won’t be on your payroll, so you save money that way.

You can protect your business by pre-screening before you hire. With Data Check’s assistance, you’ll save payroll and protect your business in a number of other ways, from avoiding negligent hiring lawsuits to providing a safer working environment to detecting falsified job applications and giving you the facts to make sound hiring decisions.

A recruiting administrator said she “has been pleased with the responsiveness we’ve gotten from Data Check. We appreciate the attention to detail they provide, and it is quite convenient to receive the reports online as well as have the data available in their archives.”

Approximately 36 percent of all job applications contain some untruths – from distortions of educational achievements to inflated salaries and omitted criminal convictions. Data Check employee reports uncover these and other untruths, which enables you to save payroll by not hiring the applicants and maintaining a more effective staff.

Data Check’s searches include criminal checks, driving records, credit reports, employment and education verifications, and drug testing to assist you in screening applicants. We offer national coverage and files employee reports in all 50 states. We offer several plans to meet your budget with volume discounts provided, and you can pick and choose the searches you want.

So if you wish to save payroll by using a reliable background screening company, contact the most reliable one, Data Check, today. Call us toll-free at 800-253-3394 for complete information on the background screening services we offer and how they can help you save payroll and enhance your bottom line in a number of important ways.

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