Should You Use a Resume Writing Service?

No service, not even a temp office, can guarantee employment. Getting a job often rests on your presentation, and today’s employment atmosphere makes it harder than ever: one mistake, and you’re out of the applicant pool. On this blog, we often talk about background checks, but having your history scrutinized is typically the final step of the application process. How do you get to the point in which a potential employer actually wants to run a background check on you?

Although networking is becoming far more significant in landing a job, you need to be prepared: brush up on your interview skills and make sure your resume and cover letter are well written. For the latter, consider using a resume writing service. Such companies do not promise jobs, but they can improve the writing and readability of your resume and cover letter or create these job search documents from scratch.

On a basic level, a resume service has professional writers that scan your documents. Writer often serve as proofreaders and catch errors you might not have noticed: a comma out of place, a typo, poor sentence structure, or incorrect grammar. An employer looking at your resume also cares about presentation; if the document appears too convoluted, it gets tossed aside, regardless of your experience. If the resume or cover letter needs to be organized better, a professional resume writer makes it more readable and pleasing to the eyes.

Some resumes and cover letters need to be completely rewritten. If this sounds like you, make sure that, when contacting a resume service, you have your employment and education histories in order. Be able to describe to the resume service your current and past positions, including job duties, achievements, and accolades, and give them complete information about your past education and future career goals. A professional resume writer will then take this information to create a resume and cover letter.

We’ve mentioned that inaccurate information on a resume often gets flagged in a background check. In order to make utilizing a resume writing service a good investment, provide honest and accurate employment and education information only – no exaggerations or fudged dates and job titles.