Is Your Small Business Falling Behind in HR Compliance?

Staying compliant when it comes to business functions can be a giant undertaking – especially for small businesses with little resources – but it’s absolutely necessary. Being up to code with constantly changing industry standards and knowing the rules for everything from finances to hiring practices, is critical to operate successfully.

Small Business Compliance Issues

If you’re a small business, perhaps it’s been a while since you took a look at some of your HR functions and how they’re operating. Now’s a great time to ensure that you’re in compliance or risk hefty penalties.

One recent survey found that smaller businesses are lacking confidence when it comes to HR functions today in issues including overtime laws, youth standards and laws around employee classification.  Of all the core functions in the Human Resources role, survey respondents said they we’re least sure about the rules when it came to onboarding, handbooks and background checks.

Importance of Background Checks

Bringing on new employees involves a lot more than finding someone whose resume matches with a job opening. Employers today must find candidates who have the proper training and education, fit in with the company culture, and who meet requirements based on their backgrounds to remain compliant. The only way to be sure all of this is happening, and that all information provided is accurate before you onboard a candidate, is with background checks.

Depending on the industry, everything from criminal history, to drug tests may be needed. What’s most important is to work with a company that specializes in obtaining the pertinent information to assure your company will make the right decision. This can also protect the company and workplace from risks or other losses.

DataCheck offers employment screening as well as information, education, and training on “all things background checks.”  Our goal is to promote a safe workplace that both employers and employees benefit from. Contact us today to learn more.

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