Stricter Background Checks for Drivers Licenses

How easy is it to renew or get a new drivers license? In many states, it’s as simple as showing up at the DMV with two forms of ID and getting your picture taken. While long lines at any DMV have always been an issue, it pales in comparison to the more thorough background checks Florida plans to implement for obtaining a drivers license. From the article under the link, drivers needing a new ID card are required to bring four pieces of identification with them, one of which displays their social security number and two proofs of address. This is in addition to a background check being run on every person applying for a new card.

Is this considered excessive, or, in places like Florida with larger-than-average amounts of illegal immigrants in the area, is it necessary? This decision isn’t Florida’s alone. As part of a national homeland security measure, the Real ID Act has been passed to require a national standard for obtaining a drivers license. While areas with disproportionately large illegal immigrant populations such as Florida, California, and Texas might use this for stricter vehicle and driver registration measures, other areas simply use it to combat identity theft. After all, as an individual, what would you do if you went to the DMV and found another car registered under your name?

While some of the quotes in the article indicate the average person’s displeasure with longer waits at the DMV, getting a background check for a drivers license is like most other similar instances, such as employment, taking out a loan, or renting – do you want any criminals or unregistered drivers on the road? Do you want someone stealing your identity for all of the above plus obtaining a drivers license? As identity theft has become an increasingly popular crime, more measures should be used to combat it, and the Real ID Act is one such measure.