Survey on Background Checks


Are most companies handling criminal background check appropriately? Maybe not, according to one recent survey.

The consulting firm PeopleG2 recently released the findings of a survey it conducted earlier this fall. It found that 94 percent of the executives questioned in the survey said their firms are in compliance with the 2012 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on how to handle the question of a job candidate’s possible criminal background.

Here’s where it gets confusing: PeopleG2 said 72 percent of those surveyed asked job applicants about criminal history in applications “despite 2012 EEOC guidelines designed to reverse the procedure”.

The study also stated that many companies remain unaware “that questions about criminal history on job applications can be discriminatory.”

PeopleG2 surveyed nearly 15-hundred human resources executives and found that 72 percent of them indicated their company does conduct criminal background checks as part of the screening and hiring process.

80 percent said they believe the EEOC guidelines were fair to job candidates. 63 percent indicated they think the EEOC guidelines were fair to employers.

PeopleG2 said September’s survey involved human resource executives at firms with 25,000 employees or more.

This all takes us back to the importance of background checks and choosing a reliable background check provider. Background checks remain an important part of the hiring process. Proper background checks can prevent negligent hiring lawsuits. The wrong hire can cost a company dollars and productivity. It can also lead to an unsafe work environment.

DataCheck, Inc. is a full service background investigation company that obtains pertinent information through criminal background checks on a statewide and national level. Datacheck, Inc. also looks at past employment and background history information. Criminal checks, driving records, credit reports, employment and education verifications are also done. This is all done to help businesses make the right hiring choices.