The Importance of Your Driving Record in Employment

     While a driving record may seem like the defining feature in driving jobs, including truck drivers and package drivers, a driving record in a background check is another indicator of a candidate’s responsibility. Similar to a criminal background check, a driving record lists all types of vehicle related offenses, including any alcohol or drug-related offenses and accidents. As the ideal candidate for a company is one who is responsible in all aspects, from his own work to team projects, a driving record is another section of a pre-employment background check that can indicate how responsible a person has been.

     The information in the driving records portion of a pre-employment background check includes much of the information already on a candidate’s driver’s license: a license number with the state and dates of issue and expiration. In addition, any driving violations are listed, as well, including DUIs and other alcohol-related accidents or incidents. The number of driving offenses is also listed, as well as the points resulting from the violation. The violations that can appear are traffic violations, fines, accidents, and convictions.

     While a driving record can simply reiterate any offenses listed in a criminal background check, it can also show that you’re an irresponsible and dangerous driver – and have the potential to be an irresponsible and dangerous employee not only with the company car but also in assignments, projects, and group responsibilities. Similarly, even if you pass a drug test, a history of drug or alcohol related driving offenses can indicate to your employer a history of drugs and excessive drinking. As with other aspects of a background check, a clean driving record is another indicative aspect of a responsible potential employee. While a candidate for a driving job will need to have a spotless driving record, candidates for non-driving jobs should also attempt to have as clean a driving history as possible.