There’s No Secret to Passing a Drug Test

Is it possible to be a drug user and get employment? If you can’t pass a drug test, the answer is no. In a video found on YouTube, the owner of site talks about some of the methods for drug testing, as well as which supposed drug detoxification methods don’t work:

Some of the key points from the video include which drugs are most likely to be tested for in a drug test, as well as the methods for drug testing. The three main methods for drug tests include urine samples, saliva testing, and hair testing. The speaker addresses points for all of these drug testing methods, including how saliva testing is quick but not as effective; how hair follicle testing doesn’t need to be from the hair on your head; and how to avoid getting a fake sample of urine, many drug tests require a candidate to give a urine sample in person. But, overall, the best method for passing a drug test is to stay away from taking drugs so that passing a drug test shouldn’t be an impossible task or one that involves consuming Draino or large quantities of water to supposedly flush an illegal substance from a person’s system. As drugs can stay in someone’s system for days, if not weeks, at a time, especially if a person is a regular drug user, “flushing” or detoxifying is ineffective.

The speaker in this video, however, only addresses pre-employment drug testing – the test a candidate, be it a former convict or anyone else, will need to pass for employment. But what about on-the-job drug testing? If a worker looks like he or she is on a particular substance, especially if his or her position involves interacting with the public or operating heavy machinery, an on-the-spot drug test is inevitable and an on-the-spot test is often a saliva or hair test. So, instead of risking coming to work under the influence of a substance, keeping clean is the best method for encountering a pre-employment or employee drug test.