Want to Sell Medical Marijuana in Denver? Be Prepared for a Background Check

Denver is one of the latest areas to make medical marijuana legal. Of course, not every former – or current – drug dealer is allowed to get a share of this recent market. If you live in the Denver area and are considering being a dispensary owner, or even having ten percent of a share in a medical marijuana business, you’ll need to pass a background check and pay a hefty fee before you receive a license to distribute the drug for medical purposes. While this law obviously looks like a way to discourage current and past drug dealers from cashing in on medical marijuana, what about for those without a criminal past?

According to the article linked above, anyone applying to a license to be a medical marijuana dispensary owner must submit to a background check and fingerprinting and pay a $2,000 fee. Once the license for distributing medical marijuana has been approved, a $3,000 annual fee is also required. The implication in the linked article above is that the city of Denver will be doing more thorough background checks on all applying for such licenses. This includes, with fingerprints, checking national criminal databases for crimes committed outside of Colorado.

Of course, people owning such a business aren’t the only ones who need to go through this procedure. As mentioned in the article, anyone who has a 10-percent share in such a company needs to go through it, as well. Colorado isn’t the only state to make medical marijuana legal, however. California and, last month, New Jersey have such laws in place and those dispensing the marijuana in all places need to pass a background check first. In the case of New Jersey, anyone who dispenses or picks up a prescription for marijuana must pass a background check.