Background Investigation

The cost of making a hiring mistake can be astronomical and can create long-term damage to a brand. That’s why we go above and beyond when it comes to providing criminal background check services. 

As an authorized affiliate of National Background Data, we’re proud to offer powerful multi-jurisdictional searches of state and county criminal records. This includes data from over 76 million records and the Sex Offender Registries. 

There’s a shocking amount that people can hide. But that’s where we come in. Do your due diligence and work with us.



Of all drug users work part-time or full-time


Of all application forms contain lies about education, experience, or abilities


Is the average total cost of replacing an employee

Protect Yourself from Liability

Legal courts have upheld that employers must take reasonable care in the hiring process. Implementing a stringent pre-employment background check process protects your business.

Good Hires Saves Money

On estimate, replacing an employee costs $15k when the business accounts for total expenses. If you undertake a comprehensive background screening process, you will hire less candidates with serious discrepancies.

Background Checks Exists for a Reason

In an ideal world, this business wouldn’t exist! But on average, around 40% of background checks turn up at least one type of discrepancy.

Reduce Employee Theft and Dishonesty

On average, businesses lose out on 5% of annual revenue to occupational fraud. You can save serious money by only hiring honest individuals who don’t lie on their resume or are hiding a questionable background.

Speed Up the Hiring Process

Our clients save time by focusing on their hiring processes while we handle the legwork. Keep in mind that our service typically takes 24-72 hours and often even has a same-day turnaround.

Step Up Your Regulatory Compliance

Nearly half of businesses who conduct background screening report improved regulatory compliance. We provide compliance expertise to satisfy industry standards and governmental requirements.

County Criminal

We conduct county court felony and misdemeanor criminal searches. This reveals felony and misdemeanor convictions and pending cases within the municipal and superior court levels within a given county. Each case file report contains date of charge, whether it is a felony or misdemeanor, pleas and dispositions, any time served, fines, and probation information.

Statewide Criminal

A statewide criminal search reveals convictions detailing date of charge, type, leas, and disposition, including any time served, fines, and probation information.  

Federal Criminal

There are two types of federal criminal searches. We undertake Federal District Court criminal searches, which are a search of one or more of the 90 U.S. Federal District Courts nationwide. This covers crimes of a Federal nature such as fraud, counterfeiting, wiretapping, and money laundering. We also perform Federal Civil searches which are a nationwide or district level search for civil cases that were filed in U.S. district, appellate, and bankruptcy courts.

Sex Offender

We complete sex offender registry searches to check state database registries and determine if a person has been registered as a known sex offender, as well as a check of the national database registry. 

National Criminal Database Search

We search the National Criminal Record Database, which is a database comprised of county criminal records, prison records, sex offender records, and incarceration records in many prisons. Although it is nationwide in scope, it will not provide you with ALL criminal records throughout the United States. It’s currently the best available national search and should be used in conjunction with a county criminal search when conducting criminal records searches on job applicants.

State Prison Record Search

We complete a state prison record search to help identify a criminal past. With this service, all state counties are searched for any criminal convictions that have led to incarceration in any state prison. 

Federal Incarceration Search

We can complete a thorough search of the applicant to reveal time served in a United States Federal Prison. While most federal criminal background checks reveal clean records, it is still essential to perform this search. Discovering even one incidence of criminal misconduct or incarceration can take a candidate out of the running for an important position.

Database Search & Watch Lists

In conjunction with National Background Data, DataCheck offers The GlobalReport™ Patriot Act Name Search. This includes the following U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists. Lists notated with an asterisk (*) indicate a geographic-based sanctions list. We will add additional sanctions and watch lists as U.S. or foreign governments and international organizations release them.

We make it easy to check who you’re hiring!