Manufacturing Industry

By working with the manufacturing and construction industries for over 20 years, we get it. Our clients need to hire qualified, responsible people fast. There are real-world issues that we’re working to prevent such as turnover, workplace accidents, and liabilities. 

Background screening can successfully mitigate the risk of hiring an unreliable candidate, drug user, or unqualified individual. Work with DataCheck helps the manufacturing and construction industry meet requirements for speed, compliance, safety, and consistency. Plus, we provide all of this at fair and highly competitive prices.

Our Recommended Checks for Manufacturing

Our team has worked with the manufacturing and construction industries since 1996. It’s a competitive hiring market, and we check if a candidate has a criminal past, responsible financial history, and decent moral character.


*Example searches - not a recommended package

Background Checks

County Criminal Search

National Criminal Database Search

Driving Record

Social Security Trace

Drug Screening

Qualification Checks

Reference Checking

Employment Verification

List of sanctions, disciplinary actions by regulators, and industry history

Education Verification

Global Homeland Security Search

How DataCheck Helps

The manufacturing industry continually needs to fill positions fast, manage turnover, and uphold a safe yet efficient worksite. We give background checks that are dependable, high-speed, and affordable. Build your crew quicker and find qualified, reliable candidates. We have access to massive databases of records that enable us to complete most background checks in less than a day. 

Our process is easy to set up, get going, and complete. Our clients in manufacturing like it that way. They’ve got enough on their plate, and we’re here to make hiring that much more convenient.


Benefits of Manufacturing Employment Checks

Customizable Packages

Social security trace, sex offender search, drug testing, criminal records search, social security check, we’ve got it all. Choose your selection for one or more candidates. We handle large batches of applications: speed is never an issue.


There are many regulations to account for concerning candidate and employee privacy. We deliver the entire process on our compliant platform with the highest security standards, including, FCRA, PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type II, and more.  

Minimize Risk

Comprehensive drug-free worksite programs are crucial to the manufacturing industry. Minimize accidents, reduce compensation and insurance claims, increase productivity, and increase the overall safety of employees.

Trustworthy Results

Feel good about your findings. Know that you’re doing the right thing and avoiding hiring criminals or drug users. With DataCheck, you are working with a secure service that doesn’t make you second guess results.

Ease of Use

Our platform is user-friendly and continuously keeps our candidates updated with the process. Spend less time on hiring intricacies and more time running your business.

We handle the background screening, you handle your business.