Identity Verification Services

Identity verification, or SSN validation, is a great way to check that the legal name, date of birth, and address that applicants apply with are accurate. It’s the first step in hiring with confidence.

ID verification is necessary because millions of identities are stolen across the United States each year. It’s a real issue, and with our identity verification services, we encourage our clients to cover their bases and have us check candidate identities before they hire.

Benefits of Identity Verifications

Have Confidence in Every Hire

Identity fraud is a large-scale issue, and we can help our client’s onboard candidates while confirming identities of any quantity.

Streamline the Process

We make everything easy. Don’t worry, leave it to a background screening company that’s been doing this successfully since 1996.

Beautiful Accuracy

We utilize automated software and cross-check results to ensure that your identity verification is fast, truthful, and precise.

Catch Fraud

Not only do you avoid hiring criminals, you uncover them for the whole world to see.

Meet Compliance Standards

Complying with mandates doesn’t have to be a drag. We help you undertake due diligence and comply with vigor, keeping you covered.

SSN Validation

We check the Social Security's database to verify that the number is issued and the year of issuance. This does not verify that the number has been assigned to the applicant; it only confirms that the number is a valid social security number.

SSN Verification

This search verifies that the name provided by the applicant, their date of birth, and their social security number matches with the Social Security Administration's records on the applicant.

1-9 & E-Verify

Ensure that your candidates are authorized to work in the United States. DataCheck helps our clients with 1-9 & E-Verify to make the process simple and straightforward.

Name / Alias / Address Verification

We offer an extensive search on the name, alias, and address history of an individual which includes a social security number validation. This search establishes an investigative starting point for a complete background check, including the determining of proper jurisdictions and counties to search when performing felony and misdemeanor criminal searches.

Do you want assurance in your hiring decisions? We’ve got you covered.