Qualification Verification Services

Employment and education background checks allow an employer to separate fact from fiction when it comes to seeing how qualified they are for the position. When choosing new employees, you need to know for sure where applicants have worked in the past, and whether they are honest about that information.

Verifying their qualifications can help you determine the truthfulness of an application. Many people “fudge” their resumes a bit to make their work experiences seem more impressive than they are. At DataCheck, we help our clients with employment and education verification processing with fast and accurate results. With our qualification screening and verification services, you will truly be able to confirm the quality of your candidates and hire with confidence.


Of employers use background screening for hiring


Of applications contain lies about employment and education

Benefits of Qualification Verifications

Save Money

Get your hire right the first time! Your business will skip the lengthy costs of turnover such as hiring time, lost business opportunities, and compensation.

Avoid Drama

By screening drug users, dishonest applicants, and criminals, you decrease the chances of a range of factors such as theft, abuse, workplace violence, and sexual harassment.

Prove Candidate Worth

DataCheck verifies degrees earned, job references, and social security numbers for companies that are planning on hiring a new employee.

Examine Candidate Character

A candidate who has a history of quickly moving from place to place may be less suited to a long-term position than a person who has shown more of a commitment to previous employers.

Peace of Mind

Having DataCheck perform a nationwide criminal record search for an applicant will ensure a thorough background report because of our resources in finding criminal court records on a statewide and national scale.


Check up if your candidate truly graduated magna cum laude at Harvard. Ensure that they have the qualifications they need.


Ensure that your candidates aren’t sprucing up their employment dates to cover up any employment discrepancies. There’s nothing wrong with a year-long trip to Ibiza, as long as you’re honest about it!

Professional License

It’s important to know your candidates are qualified for the position at hand. We check up on licensing to ensure you’re getting the best of the bunch.

Personal Reference

Checking up on references is important. You don’t want to hire somebody who embellished or completely fabricated a reference.

Liens & Judgements

We check up on your candidates’ legal history to uncover any questionable past issues that may bring into question character or moral integrity. This report includes a statewide search of state and federal tax liens, civil judgments, notices of defaults, unlawful detainers and personal bankruptcies.

96% of employers conduct background screenings. Are you going to cover your bases?