FCRA Compliance

The FCRA is designed primarily to protect the privacy of consumer report information and to guarantee that the information supplied by consumer reporting agencies is as accurate as possible. 

Amendments to the FCRA significantly increase the legal obligations of employers who use consumer reports. The amendments ensure that (1) individuals are aware that consumer reports may be used for employment purposes and agree to such use, and (2) that individuals are notified promptly if information in a consumer report may result in a negative employment decision.

We can help you create compliant employment screening policies for your business. It’s what we have been doing for over 20 years.

How To:
Stay Compliant

  • Step 1: Give Disclosure and Gain Consent

    Make sure that you get a candidate’s written consent to use screening as a basis for hire and fire type decisions.

  • Step 2: Work With a Consumer Reporting Agency

    Relay the candidate’s data to DataCheck so we can start gathering the results. We keep everything fully secure.

  • Step 3: Adverse Action Process

    If you don’t hire an applicant because of the results, you need to follow an Adverse Action process. We can help with this procedure from start to finish.

  • Step 4: Complete Hiring Process

    Finally, a decision can be made. If it’s an adverse action, you’ll need to send a Final Adverse Action notice to the candidate or employee.

Compliance can be complicated. Work with us to make it easy!