Food Service Industry

At DataCheck, we give fast and accurate background screening for the food service industry’s high-turnover situation. We offer an array of specific screening solutions and packages for our clients. 

Conventionally, background screening in the food service sector has been less frequent. Although food service companies are used to a high turnover rate, they face consistent issues that could be avoided via stringent background checking and drug screening. Many of our clients in the hospitality and restaurant sectors have reported reduced turnover after introducing more rigorous screening standards.

Our Recommended Checks for the Food Service Industry

We’re aware of the power that background checks can have on reducing turnover. By reducing the number of drug users, criminals, and unreliable people in your workforce, you will almost certainly lower turnover.


*Example searches - not a recommended package

Background Checks

County Criminal Search

National Criminal Database Search

Social Security Trace

Driving Record

Drug Screening

National Sex Offender Registry

Qualification Checks

Reference Checking

Employment Verification

Education Verification

Credit History

How DataCheck Helps

Our services immensely reduce risks. DataCheck background screening solutions are fast, accurate, and highly reliable. We also are adept at adhering to privacy and hiring compliance standards 100%. 

The food service industry needs quick, effective screening when dealing with such high turnover rates. We have a highly customizable service: pick your customization with numerous access levels and reporting capacity by location, billing code, or sector. Whatever screening you need, we offer an assortment of custom screening solutions for the food service industry.


Benefits of Food Service Employment Checks

Verify Contractors

It’s important to know if you’re working with reliable contractors and vendors. We put in the effort to truly help our customers meet their recruitment needs when it comes to partners and part-time workforce.

Screen by Specific Sector

Effortlessly satisfy specific industry regulations with our highly secure platform. We’ve worked with food sector clients since 1996, which is long enough to ensure a strong knowledge and commitment to compliance standards.

Cutting-Edge Tech

You can utilize customized screening packages: specify your criteria, and we’ll get the job done. This enables us to provide fast results while you focus on maintaining a strong business.

Management Screening

While many people think we solely focus on screening public-facing staff, checking up on management and executives is just as important. We can verify criminal, employment, education, licensing, affiliations, sanctions, and so much more.

General Staff

You can go simple or have us undertake a thorough background screening package.

Lower turnover, reduce accident risk, and more. All with our simple background check process.