Retail Industry

Want to get down to business and screen your retail applicants fast and efficiently? 

At DataCheck, we put our clients in a good place when it comes to hiring. Our background checks are easy, and our quick turn-around rates help you hire faster.

Our Recommended Checks for the Retail Industry

Within the retail sector, we know how background checks can have a solid effect on issues such as turnover. We check if a candidate is being honest or dishonest on their resume.


*Example searches - not a recommended package.

Background Checks

National Criminal Database Search

Social Security Trace

National Sex Offender Registry

County Criminal Search

Drug Screening

Qualification Checks

Reference Checking

Employment Verification

Education verification

Credit History

How DataCheck Helps

When it comes down to it, we help you hire faster, which is perfect since retail is a fast-paced industry. We know how our clients in the retail sector face seasonal hiring and high turnover rates. 

Our automated and secure programs will get the job done fast while staying compliant. Avoid bad hiring decisions while staying fully staffed. We’re here to assist you with our customizable packages.


Benefits of Retail Industry Employment Checks

Past Reporting

Take a look at candidate history such as criminal reporting, education and employment verifications.

Present Reporting

From a pre-employment drug screen to social media screens, we take a look at the character of the person who is applying in order get a holistic view of who they are.

Ongoing Monitoring

We can apply ongoing criminal and drug monitoring to ensure that employees maintain a clean slate moving forward into the future.

Meet Industry Challenges

Combat both high turnover and seasonal turnover with our background screening that weeds out the bad apples.

Total Security

The privacy of your candidates and employees are important. We handle data with our secure platform to ensure the privacy and security of everyone involved.

So you’re telling me I can have lower turnover rates and ensure compliance by using background screening? Yes, you can!