Staffing Industry

Did you know that since 1996, we’ve worked with a variety of industries, including staffing agencies? It’s applicable because we truly understand the needs of the industry and how we can help.

First of all, your entire business is based on the ability to find and place excellent candidates rapidly. We utilize advanced screening technology and expertise to help you achieve results at an exceptional rate. We work with our clients to put an end to slow background checks and outdated workflow processes.

Our Recommended Checks For Staffing

In the staffing industry, we’ve developed a system to help our clients customize their orders according to their needs. We have a suite of techniques designed to check if a candidate is being honest on their resume.


*Example searches - not a recommended package

Background Checks

County Criminal Search

National Criminal Database Search

Social Security Trace

Driving Record

National Sex Offender Registry

Qualification Checks

Reference Checking

Education Verification

Employment Verification

Credit History

Social Media Search


Of employers face difficulty finding skilled candidates for their company


Of the US workforce are forecasted to be millennials by the end of 2020


Of employers use social media to research candidates

How DataCheck Helps

For us, it’s essential to make our client’s life easier in the staffing industry. We use a platform that is easy to use and allows our customers to work more efficiently. Our platform uses custom client packages that allow for simplified background checking that seamlessly works with your processing. 

We emphasize automation to fully automate your company’s background checks while meeting compliance regulations at every level.


Benefits of Staffing Employment Checks

Automated Background Checking

Automated background checking produces quick results. It decreases the time to hire and inspires confidence in the quality of candidates.

Identify the Right People Fast

While the majority of our background checks are processed and finished on the same day, some of our in-depth services are completed within 24-72 hours.

Past, Present & Future

We offer a comprehensive look at your candidates’ history, present status, and a capacity for monitoring ad testing into the future.

Total Compliance Solution

We help our clients be compliant on every level. We automate workflows that deal with consent forms and functions such as the pre and adverse action processes. Our compliance management assists customers to maintain compliance on a local, state, federal, and international basis.

Advanced Speed & Scale

We can provide volume discounts, and process more extensive background check batches at rapid speed. Whatever the project size, we get the job done fast without forfeiting quality.

Take advantage of our automated background screening servcies and save time and money!