Technology Industry

The Technology industry has grown rapidly and is perhaps the fastest moving and competitive around. Rivalries are fierce, and companies miss out when they lose time during the hiring process. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to work with a background screener who can deliver accurate results with a fast, guaranteed turn-around time.

Our Recommended Checks for the Technology Industry

DataCheck has a team of technology industry compliance experts that understand the requirements, regulations, and intricacies of the financial industries. We go the whole way to check if a candidate has a criminal past, responsible financial history, and good character.


*Example searches - not a recommended package 

Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks

Drug Screening

Social Security Number Validation

Credit Reports

Qualification Checks

Reference Checking

Verification: Employment & Education

List of sanctions, disciplinary actions by regulators, and industry history

How DataCheck Helps

We’ve worked with technology industry firms since 1996 and have built an excellent platform to deliver background checks with a strong data security emphasis. Our software is user-intuitive, high-speed, customizable and built to ensure total compliance with the highest security standards, including FCRA, PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type II, and more.

Employment screening is essential due to the competitive hiring landscape. We don’t let background screening delay your hiring process. Our software automates background checks and compliance workflows to prevent any legal or data risk.


Benefits of Technology Industry Checks

Rapid Turnaround

Our background screening platform is designed for high-speed processing and fully digitized workflows. We use an automated system for efficient background checks that are designed for compliance and end-to-end ease of use.

Solid Security

We assume demanding standards to safeguard our clients’ accounts and candidate data. We encrypt our data with high-security systems in compliance with legal security principles.

Automated Compliance

Our platform and processes are subject to rigorous auditing to ensure a secure, automated, built-in compliance system. We help our clients stay compliant with thousands of local, state, federal, and international legal requirements and regulations.

Technology Industry Mastery

We have over 20 years’ experience leading our clients to successfully screening their workforces. At DataCheck, we lead the way and make the entire process straightforward and easy.

Total Flexibility

Whatever our clients’ situation, we offer a solution to help. We provide customized screening packages to best suit your needs, from batch discounting to bespoke screening solutions.

We don’t mess around with security. Work with DataCheck for total background screening confidence.