Social Media Searches

We all know that an individual’s social media footprint provides a wealth of information that can cover almost everything about them. Social media background checks are a great way to understand who you’re bringing on board and if they’re a good fit. 

DataCheck’s social media screening searches recognize and flag illegal or hateful content on social media profiles. For instance, we identify potentially illicit activities, explicit material, or posts that include racism or hate speech. We efficiently perform our searches with compliance in mind, to preserve candidate privacy and cover everyone involved.

Benefits of Social Media Checks

Stay Compliant

You don’t want to violate EEOC, FCRA and state privacy laws. We ensure that you get your info without any legal trouble or lawbreaking.

Flag Undesirable Candidates

We find illegal activity, explicit material, violence, and racism/bigotry with our technology at rapid speed. We save you time and quickly identify if an applicant has negative behavior or an unlawful past.

Confident Results

We verify candidates with multiple identifiers to ensure that we’re finding the right person. We provide you with accurate results as fast as a one-day turnaround.

Find a Good Fit

Over 70% of employers have used social media to examine job applicants. It’s a great way to ensure a good mutual fit with your company policies and culture.


You don’t want to have an employee waste time snooping on hundreds of job applications. It’s a compliance nightmare and a waste of resources. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to have a background checking company do the work with fast and comprehensive automated social media screening technology.

Social Media Screening Search

Here's an example of a social media search that our clients might use. Under their direction, we can search for specific factors or perform a general inquiry.

For instance, DataCheck performs a search on a candidate 'John Wilson.' The report flags a 'negative' hit classification from a public Twitter post. The post in question is from 2018, and he appears to be selling illicit substances at an electronic music festival. This is a red flag to the client, who is a private school district. Because of this non-invasive social media screening, the client disqualifies the candidate.


Use our service to screen applicants before it’s too late in the hiring process.