Sanctions Searches

Sanctions searches are focused checks within government sanction databases to detect people forbidden from specific activities or industries. It’s an intelligent move to ensure that candidates or employees are not on government employment-ban lists. 

Why are these so important for businesses like yours? Violating exclusion rules can lead to fines and jail sentences. It’s particularly applicable currently as there have been recent governmental crackdowns on exclusion notices in a variety of industries.

With searches that include OIG, FACIS (Level 1, 2, and 3), and Disciplinary and Abuse Registries, trust that DataCheck will protect your company and find you the right employees for the job.

Why Run a Sanctions Search?

It’s Difficult to Check

While there are free sanctions search tools, it’s frequently unreliable to find people on the list as individual details are often incomplete. Work with a background screening company who has multiple cross-referencing devices at their disposal.

Cover Yourself

 In the past two years, there has been a strong crackdown from the government, and exclusions have grown exponentially. It’s essential to cover yourself and avoid hiring the wrong people.

Avoid Mistakes

Working with a background screening company can avoid costly mistakes such as hiring a person on the sanction list or misidentifying a candidate. Rejecting a candidate due to a misidentification could even lead to an expensive lawsuit.

Maintain Eligibility

If you hire a sanctioned individual, your company could receive severe fines or the possibility of jail time. In addition to this, staying compliant means your organization will maintain eligibility for federal programs that can vastly aid overall wellbeing.

Keep your Brand Clean

Performing a sanctions check reduces the risk to staff, customers, and your overall brand reputation. Sanctions checks are frequently mandatory in regulated industries like finance, healthcare, and government contractors.

OIG Sanctions Lists

The Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) upholds a list of people banned from partaking in federal and state healthcare programs. Healthcare firms that deliver care to patients who have plans such as Medicaid or Medicare are barred from engaging with sanctioned individuals or vendors on the OIG Exclusions list.

FACIS: Level 1, 2, and Level 3 Exclusion

The Level 1 search is designed to uncover infractions including license suspensions recorded in dozens of other federal databases. A Level 2 or 3 search can identify lists of individuals with negative records across the healthcare industry.

Disciplinary and Abuse Registries

DataCheck can undertake searches across medical-board archives to uncover disciplinary actions made against an applicant, while also searching for further state-level abuse registries and databases.

Don’t take the risk of working with sanctioned candidates. Do your homework – or at least have us do it for you!