Non-Profit Organizations

It’s straightforward. We quickly screen non-profit employees and volunteers in a fast and easy way. Your organization doesn’t want to focus on background checks, it wants to work with a provider that will reliably screen candidates while staying compliant with the law. 

Non-profits often face sensitive etiquettes and standards when it comes to serving vulnerable people, and rightly so. Background checks are often necessary to protect your people and ensure funding. Screening also helps protect assets, mitigate risk, and avoid potential liability lawsuits.

Our Recommended Checks for Non-Profit Organizations

Whichever you need, we can offer any combination of background checks and verifications. These are affordable and widely available at every level.


*Example searches - not a recommended package

Background Checks

National Criminal Database Search

County Criminal Search

National Sex Offender Registry

Social Security Trace

Qualification Checks

Reference Checking

Education Verification

Employment Verification

Social Media Search

License Verifications

How DataCheck Helps

DataCheck background screening services were designed to protect assets, reduce risk, and avoid liability issues. As we know, non-profits must meet many standards when it comes to serving vulnerable populations, and for a good reason.  

We swiftly screen non-profit volunteers or employees in a user-friendly manner. Your non-profit shouldn’t worry about background checks. We work with you to ensure to reliably screen candidates with our technology that is world-class, customizable, mobile-enabled and compliant with the highest security standards, including FCRA, PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type II, and more.



Benefits of Non-Profit Employment Checks

Confident Hiring Decisions

We deploy a comprehensive background screening process and examine the big picture. We use high-tech screening software and real-time results right to your inbox.

Social Media Screening

Shockingly, 70% of employers have already turned down candidates due to adverse information they found online. Our social media search service allows you to truly know who you’re hiring while staying compliant according to the law.

Most Flexible Service in the Industry

From conducting criminal background checks to motor vehicle record screening or vetting a large volume of incoming contingent workers, you choose the searches you want with our customized packages.

Reduce your Time-to-Hire

Our clients work with us long-term because they enjoy our service and fast turn-around time. Our customizable background screening packages lead to fast and accurate hiring decisions.

User-Friendly Technology

We train our clients on our easy to use platform. If they need assistance, we’re only a click away. Our technology is compliant with the highest security standards, including FCRA, PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type II, and more.

Work with us to feel confident about your volunteers and potential employees.