Education Industry

After 20 years of working with higher education providers, we’ve seen it all. One thing we can be sure of, background screening can help you determine the truthfulness of an application. It’s stunning how many people “fudge” or outright lie on their transcripts to make their experience and qualifications seem more impressive than they really are. 

At DataCheck, we help our clients with employment and education background check processing with fast and precise results. We want you to have confidence with your hire. Work with us to confirm the quality of your candidates.

Recommended Packages for Education Providers

We check if a candidate has a criminal past, accountable history, and solid character. We offer a mix of background screening services.


*Example searches - not a recommended package

Background Checks

National Criminal Database Search

County Criminal Search

National Sex Offender Registry

Social Security Trace

Qualification Checks

Reference Checking

Education Verification

Employmnet Verification

License Verifications

Social Media Screening


Of education organizations encounter lies or fabrications on candidate resumes


Of education organizations conduct criminal background checks


Of education organizations conduct education verification

How DataCheck Helps

When choosing new teachers, professors, or other educational staff, you need to know for sure about their employment, education, identity, and whether they have been honest about that information. 

We can help you check up if your candidate actually graduated top of their class or was high school valedictorian. On top of this, we provide overseas employment, education verifications, and criminal records. In countries where there is a language barrier, we use a network of international background providers to assist us in obtaining the background information needed.


Benefits of Education Checks

Thorough Background Checks

Our background screening takes a deep dive into an applicant’s prior employment history, criminal record, identity, government databases, and education verification.


You don’t want to have HR wasting time snooping on hundreds of applications. It’s a compliance nightmare and a waste of resources. It’s easier and cheaper to have a DataCheck do the work using our fast and comprehensive automated screening technique.

Administrative Background Checks

DataCheck completes these background checks to verify identity, check for sex offenses, and uncover any criminal past or activities. It’s about having a full picture of the candidate you’re hiring.

Strong Compliance

You don’t want the smallest chance of violating EEOC, FCRA, and state privacy laws. We ensure that you get information without any legal trouble or lawbreaking.

Trusted Results

We verify candidates with multiple identifiers to ensure that we’re finding the right individual. Finding insight without being invasive to people’s personal lives is crucial.

Have renewed confidence in your candidates today, not tomorrow!