International Search and Background Checks

It’s difficult to find a background check company that provides both international search and domestic screening services. 

At DataCheck, we offer all of our standard screening services on an international scale. Our international background checks include an Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) foreign nationals search for our clients. This list contains the names of foreign nationals with whom the United States government currently has sanctions against. Persons on this list include known terrorists and narcotic traffickers.

Benefits of International Searches

Wide Range of International Services

We offer full employment and background history information, as well as global background investigations for reference checking, education verification, driving records, credit reports, drug screening, and many more.

Fast and Affordable

We offer the fastest and most competitively priced international screening service in the game. We’re confident about this and invite you to find a competitor who can do it better. Global services, fees, and turnaround times differ by country, be sure to contact us for a personalized quote.

Pick the Good Ones

We can perform a list of searches to identify if you’re dealing with honest people or shady international characters. We can find multiple aspects of their background,  dive into their entire social media history, and find the history on their driving record.

Global Reporting

In conjunction with National Background Data, DataCheck offers The GlobalReport™ Patriot Act Name Search. This includes both the U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists. These currently include lists such as European Union Terrorism List, INTERPOL Wanted List, Politically Exposed Persons List, and many more.

Verified Results

Our international partners work with us to cross-reference our results on multiple levels. We get you the international findings that you can trust and rely on time and time again.

International Criminal Records

Verifying a candidate's true legal history doesn't have to be complicated. At DataCheck, we complete international criminal record searches to expose crimes or illegal activity in an applicant's former country or domicile.

Employment Verification

We commence employment verifications in the same manner that we do in the United States. The only difference is that international employment verification is subject to the specific country's laws and regulations.

Education Verification

International education verifications are investigations of a person’s training, certification, or education outside the USA. A surprising number of international candidates don’t imagine that potential employers will actually authenticate qualifications from outside the US. Due to this, there are a higher number of untrue or embellished educational claims.

Passport Verification

It’s simple. We have the tools to quickly and reliably authenticate the passport of your international applicants. No matter how many candidates you must process, we can get it done all at a low price and speedy turnaround.

Don’t let international applicants pull a fast one on you. Let DataCheck authenticate your candidates.